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My paintings are an expression of a sense of place. My intent is not for the viewer to recognize a specific geographic location, but to feel and sense the area and time I visited the location; they are a documentation of time and place, people and emotion - movement and aesthetic. I am trying to convey emotions, the things I felt, conversations I remember at the location which spurs on the aesthetic idea in my mind for painting. This is what I am trying to express. Like a poet uses words documenting a street scene, emotions, states of mind, descriptive, I to try to convey that in a visual sense.

By using layers of oils, acrylics, scattered pencil and mainly gouaches, I can show the layers of the time and city. Filthy sometimes with pasted posters torn down, buildings falling apart and a touch of the ocean. I try to see the beauty in the whole scene, not just simply pick out the "good" parts and leave the rest. I often use aged brushes, edged with old paint and my hands to smooth the gouaches over the canvas and achieve heightened elements of texture.

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