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Suzan Woodruff      

"Light, space and the spectacle of nature are an integral part of my art, which is inspired by poetics, politics and gender. All aspects meet in the ritual space, in what Maurice Blanchot calls the artist's "essential solitude," where the work is imagined, created and then comes to fruition.

"In the three newest series Quantum Light, Buddha's Dust and Matter as Metaphor, my work has evolved into what the Australian theorist Bronia Iwanczak contextualized as a form of "feminist abstraction." This vision is an outgrowth of my previous work, meditation and study, specifically Quantum Theory, where matter can be both wave and particle. I use the elements of nature (water, pigment, earth,) and scientific postulations (gravity, evaporation, light theory) and my belief in the scientist as artist, and artist as shaman which merges as one to "create poetic gestures of faith" as Holly Myers of the LA Times wrote of my Burning Woman paintings. I transform the elements of pigment and water into waves and fields using "invisible forces" to create liquid motion.

"These invisible forces are akin to Quantum Theory, which states that once viewed an action is forever changed; just as art and viewer can be forever changed by the act of viewing. As Shana Nys Dombrot wrote of my work in Artweek, "The work itself is abstract in the way it can launch the viewer into a semi-meditative state instigating meandering consideration of the most personal kind in each individual."

Chaos Theory supposes that a butterfly flapping its wings can cause hurricane on the other side of the globe; we are all part of the greater gestalt. This vision and concept is fundamental to my body of work. I imagine the paintings as an installation, and although each work is created alone, they are part of a narrative that subtly builds one piece upon another. Using a technique which submerges acrylic in water, the artist creates fluid paintings which refer to color theory and landscape."